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Create and schedule a FULL, automatic file system as well as your database backups of your NopCommerce site to Amazon S3 for piece of mind that your site is always backed up and safe Backup versioning.
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Supported NopCommerce Versions : 4.1 & 4.2

Agency8 NopBackup Manual

Agency8 NopBackup, automated and scheduled FULL backups off site.

Backing up your NopCommerce site is one of the most important maintenance tasks you HAVE to do.

Other backup plugins and the standard database backup of NopCommerce only backup the database, but there are draw backups to this:

  • What happens when you store your product and site images on the file system?
  • What happens to all the plugins that you have installed?
  • What happens if you loose all data from a server?
  • When you upgrade your site you still need to backup files on the file system

Backing up your file system also helps to get your site back up and running quickly in times of need and you’ll have a FULL copy of your NopCommerce site knowing that you will not miss important files and changes that you have done in the source code.

The Agency8 NopBackup plugin is an essential plugin that helps you to keep a FULL, up-to-date backup of your NopCommerce install. The NopBackup plugin not only backs up your database but also backs up your installs file system and allows you to store the backups on Amazon S3. All this can be do manually via the NopCommerce admin or with the help of a scheduled task making sure you always have an up-to-date backup.

No more manually backing up your site, let Agency8 NopBackup run a scheduled task and transfer you backup off site without worry!


  • * Backs up the database.
  • * Backs up the Full file system of your site.
  • * Backup your site manually via the NopCommerce admin.
  • * Backup your site with as scheduler.
  • * Automated backup scheduling for hourly, every 12 hours, daily, or weekly.
  • * Schedule local backup clean ups (daily, weekly or monthly) to save on server disk space.
  • * Store your backups off site on Amazon S3 for more security knowing that your site has been backed up and safe and secure!
  • * With a manual you can follow the progress of the backup process via ‘real-time’ progress bars and file list being processed backup showing you the progress of:
    • - the database backup
    • - the file system backup
    • - the Amazon S3 file backup transfer
    • - the Amazon S3 database backup file transfer
  • * The compressed backups are stored on a local folder (‘/wwwroot/nopbackups’) as well as Amazon S3 if S3 is configured and enabled.
  • * The backup of the database is also stored in the standard database backup folder (‘/wwwroot/db_backups’) for continuity of NopCommerce database backups.
  • * An email notification is sent to the default store email and contains information about the backup (succeeded or failed with errors):
    • - The backup type (manual or scheduled)
    • - Status of the database backup
    • - Status of the database compression
    • - Status of the database placement
    • - Status of the file backup
    • - Status of the Amazon S3 file backup transfer
    • - Status of the Amazon S3 database backup transfer
    • - Status of the database cleanups
    • - Status of the file cleanups
  • * Both database and file system backups are compressed into zip files to save space.

NopBackup install package

Once you have purchased the NopBackup plugin an email with a download link and license key will automatically be sent to you by email.

If this doen't happen automatically or you have lost the install package, please contact us and we will send you the link.

NopCommerce Versions NopCommerce 4.1
NopCommerce Versions NopCommerce 4.2